Custom hollow point conversions of one or multiple cavities of most Lyman, Ideal, RCBS, Saeco, and other steel, brass, cast iron, or aluminum bullet molds.

100% Made in USA

Lee's new 2 cavity block design, Inset-Bar double hollow point pre-converted molds

$99.00 each (plus $9.00 USA shipping per order for any number of Lee molds)

Lee's new block design features traditional style mold alignment pins with caliber and weight engraved on the top of mold.

Double hollow point conversion includes installation of extended bushing for sliding pins and and my superior original style Inset Bar conversion. Molds include permanently attached factory handle.

See For sale page for a current list of available models.

Note: Custom / Hex pins available on orders of 5 or more same-model molds.

Offerings in pistol calibers:

  • 9mm, .38 / .357, .40 S&W, .44 Special/Mag, .45ACP / .45 Colt.
  • See the For Sale page for available models.

Some other unlisted models available upon request.

Matching top punch for a Lyman or RCBS sizer


Inset-Bar hollow point conversion

$50.00 per altered cavity for multi-cavity; $70.00 for single cavity Inset-Bar conversion examples

Stronger and more durable than Cramer-style conversions and just as fast, if not faster! Nearly any mold of any caliber or number of cavities can be converted to hollow point using this system. Including single and double-cavity Lyman, RCBS and other similar bullet molds. Inset-Bar assemblies are fitted to slide freely.

H&G 4 cavity molds can have up to 3 cavities converted with my Inset-Bar system. LBT and similar molds can have any and all cavities converted with this system.

Inset Bar may not fit longer rifle cavities on some smaller molds.

Substitute Faceted / Hex pins (instead of round): add $10.00 per cavity.

Large hollow base conversions or hollow point pin shanks larger than 0.250" may have an additional fee (per cavity).

Additional Inset-Bar Assemblies

$35.00 per cavity for multi-cavity conversions; $45.00 for single cavity

Additional Inset-Bar assemblies, fitted at time of modification. Number of cavities must match primary Inset-Bar assembly.

Inset-Bar Extractor linkage option

$35.00 per mold Inset-Bar extractor option example

Inset-Bar Extractor linkage eases casting by pulling the inset-bar with hollow point pins out of the cavities as the handles are opened.

Mold guide users please note: Extractor link is not compatible with most mold guides.

Inset-Bar hollow point conversions for Magma machine casting

Double cavity complete with linkage $175.00

Single cavity complete with linkage $145.00

Double cavity Inset-Bar conversion example ( Magma Bullet Master ) Double cavity Inset-Bar conversion example ( Magma Master Caster )

Magma mold block Inset Bar hollow point conversions for machine casting. ( Hollow base available on certain mold models such as double ended wad-cutters and some nose pour molds. )

For Magma Master Caster ( single mold ) or the Bullet Master ( 8 mold ) casting machines. Inset bar hollow point conversions are complete with special extractor link, inset bar geometry and sliding pin clearances for Magma machine casting molds.

Note: Pin size and shape have some limitations to ensure proper bullet release when machine casting. The Magma Master Caster and the Magma Bullet Master use different extractor links, be sure to let me know which machine you are using. Some minor final fitting of the extractor link may be required for proper operation due to differences in individual machines. Machine conversions only available for Magma blocks.

Contact Brooks' Molds if you need a custom cavity on a Magma block.

Additional Inset-Bar Assemblies for Machine casting molds

$70 for double cavity

$55 for single cavity.

Additional Inset-Bar assemblies, fitted at time of modification.

Also available for previously converted molds. Add $25.

Cramer style conversions

$60.00 per altered cavity Cramer style mold conversion examples

Makes for very fast casting! Precisely matched sets of hollow point pins are manufactured, tips polished, then fitted with sliding cross pins. Cramer pins are fitted to slide easily in the mold without binding or drag. ( Nose profiles are limited to performance proven taper and depths to ensure easy bullet release from pin.)

Note: This conversion is available only on molds that have hardware or screw holes, etc. in the way, preventing conversion to the much more durable Inset-Bar system. Not available for single cavity molds or for bullet molds less than .32 caliber. I need a minimum of .550" of solid block area beyond the altered nose of the bullet cavity for this conversion.

Additional Cramer conversion alternate profile pin

$45.00 per pin

Additional Cramer style alternate profile pin fitted at time of modification.

Post conversion replacements $50.00 per pin

Fitted replacement pins for original Cramer hollow point molds

$50.00 each Cramer replacement pin example

Available for original hollow point molds manufactured by the Cramer mold company. I need the original mold to properly fit the pin.

Cramer and Inset-Bar Note: Bullets with larger cavities cast before mold reaches full temperature may tend to stick somewhat to the hollow point pin tip. For best results, start with a pre-heated mold and alloy approximately 850° F. Once mold is at temperature (about a dozen casts) and bullets are falling freely from pins alloy temperature can be reduced to around 750° F. As the mold and pins build up an oxide layer from repeated use, bullet release will become easier. Pins should slide freely; tapping on sliding pins is not recommended for any mold! Tap lightly on handle-pivot while opening mold block if the castings are sticking in the cavity.

Standard hollow point modifications

$50.00 each Standard hollow-point conversion examples

Standard hollow point modifications are carefully centered, aligned and machined to provide a slip fit of the pin and knob assembly.

Includes: wood knob assembly fitted with one mild steel pin profile of your choice. ( Standard pin sizes up to .1875". Larger pin sizes and more radical alterations available at additional cost. )

Replacement pins for factory hollow-point or hollow base molds

Hollow point mold Replacement pin examples

Original HP pin bore can be corrected for a worn, tapered, or out of round pin bore. Original style replacement pin assemblies are one piece and do not have interchangeable pin tips. Factory hollow pointed mold must be provided for the fitting of replacement pin.

Alignment of an off-center mold hollow point pin bore is not included in listed prices (correction is available).

Original style molds may be altered instead to the standard hollow point conversion, enabling interchangeable pin tip styles (standard hollow point conversion fee applies).

Lyman or Ideal replacement pins (current or vintage production)

$50.00 each

Hensley & Gibbs replacement pins.

$50.00 each Hensley and Gibbs replacement hollow point pin

Repairs and alterations available

starting at $20.00 and up, per repair Mold with Lightly milled sprue side

Repairs or alterations such as:

  • Repair of stripped screw holes.
  • Broken off screws or taps.
  • Sprue side resurfacing by milling machine or surface grinder.
  • Replacement of missing parts. screws and parts
  • Miscellaneous repairs.
  • TIG micro-welding available. Contact for quote weld repair example

Gas check or bevel base removal and/or rear drive band enlargement

$30.00 setup per mold + $5.00 per cavity.

Drive band enlargement of multiple bands

$40.00 setup fee per mold + $5.00 per drive band enlarged. Lyman recut bands (and more examples)

All work performed starting with careful measurements of castings and mold dimensions. ( -0 to +0.002 )

REQUIRED: send a few unsized castings from the mold along for measurement reference.

I won't do all the bands on a Loverin design mold!

  • Before you ship:
  • Shipping available to the USA.
  • All prices in US Dollars.
  • RCBS and Saeco molds will NOT fit in the small flat rate box.
  • Do not send handles and boxes because it costs more to ship and they are not required for conversion.
  • Please send the plastic RCBS mold box for modification to fit your Inset Bar conversion.
  • Firmly secure the mold blocks to each other with tape, zip ties, or several tight wraps of saran wrap. This will help prevent damage during transit.
  • USPS priority mail (small box / envelope) $9.00
  • (up to 4) Lyman / Ideal 1 or 2 HP cavity (or similar small molds without boxes)
  • (up to 2) four cavity Lyman molds (HP conversion or other repairs)
  • (up to 2) larger frame molds, such as RCBS or Saeco double cavity with conversions.
  • Extras, such as plastic mold boxes may increase shipping fee.
  • USPS priority mail (medium box) $18.00
  • (More than 2) RCBS, Saeco, NEI or other larger framed molds.
  • other large orders.
  • USPS Shipping Insurance see the USPS price chart

Workmanship guaranteed

My workmanship is guaranteed, limited to a full refund of fees and exchange with a comparable current production mold.

Extra molds?

I always consider purchasing or trades for Lyman, Ideal, RCBS, Saeco, or other single or double cavity rifle and pistol molds. Contact me about extra molds you have available to sell or trade.