Bullet mold band modifications

Examples of my unique drive bands enlargement service: Custom alteration of drive bands. Gas check or bevel base removal.

10Bullet mold "Cramer-style-lyman-358156-Pyramidstandard" (  )Two radically different HP bullets from one fast casting mold. One cavity produces a plain base bullet with a large traditional HP and one cavity creates a gas checked bullet with a four-faceted cup point. Bevel base14Saeco #068 (  2 cavity. HP point style. )Cramer-style Saeco #068 with bevel bases removed. 36Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS44-300-SWC1-GCremoved" (  )RCBS 44-300-SWC with gas check removed and rear drive band enlarged by .001". Background mold is the same model with GC removed and band enlarged but in non-hp form. Bevel base486Lyman 429667 and 452664 (  4 cavity. )Two Lyman four cavity molds with the bevel bases removed. Drive bands487Lyman 225462 (  1 cavity. )This mold was terribly undersized and slightly oval, it was casting at .221"/.222". The drive bands have been re-cut using a special cutter and a Bridgeport EZ Trac CNC milling machine to drop WW bullets at .2253". I can re-cut the bands larger based on your as cast size with extreme accuracy on the CNC mill to drop the proper size casting to fit your needs. Bevel base488Lyman 401638 (  2 cavity. )Lyman 401638 Cramer-style conversion with bevel bases removed. Bevel base489Saeco #388 (  4 cavity. )Saeco #388. Bevel bases removed and rear drive band enlarged. Gas check490RCBS 44-300-SWC (  2 cavity. )RCBS 44-300-SWC with one cavity altered to remove the gas check and enlarge the drive band. Bevel base491Lyman 311410 (  1 cavity. )Lyman 311410 Factory HP with bevel base removed and spare replacement pin with a shorter cavity. Gas check492Ideal 454485 (  1 cavity. )Ideal 454485 with damaged gas check shank removed. Gas check493Lyman "Devastator" 429640 (  1 cavity. )Lyman 429640 with replacement pins in factory profile, a smaller HP, and a round nose profile. Gas check shank has been removed and base band opened up. Bevel base494Lyman "Devastator" 356637 (  1 cavity. )Lyman 9mm "Devastator" mold 356637 with bevel base removed, rear band enlarged, and several spare pins in different profiles. Center pin is factory original. Rear band495NEI (  4 cavity. )NEI mold with gas check removed and rear band enlarged. Drive bands513Lyman 375248 (  2 cavity. 375 caliber. )Drive bands enlarged to fit bore. *Note: Multiple light source glare created illusion of offset in lube grooves. Gas check515Lyman 429421 (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. SWC/HP point style. )Lyman mold with gas check shank removed and standard hollow point conversion. Gas check517RCBS 45-405-FN (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. FN point style. )Multiple pin tips and very light modification to gas check shank to correct loose fit. Pistol526Lyman 429421 (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. SWC with HP point style. )Nice Cramer style mold that was undersized and needed the bands re-cut larger for proper fit. Rifle532NEI 311 155 GC (  30 caliber. )Gas check removed and rear bands enlarged. Blackpowder536Unknown 45 Minnie (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. HP point style. )Bands in this unknown maker mold were recut to cast at .458 for high powered air rifle hunting use. Rifle563RCBS 30-180-FN (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Gas check removed and base band enlarged to cast at .312". Rifle564Lyman 311359 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Nice little bullet with a Cramer-style HP conversion for the 32-20. Drive bands opened up to cast WW at about .313". Rifle565RCBS 40-300-CSA (  )Mold altered to customers specifications with a matching diameter .090" wide drive band added near the nose. Small 3/32" diameter HP conversion with matching top punch is primarily for improved alignment during sizing and seating etc. not for expansion purposes. Note enlarged meplat diameter of altered cavity which improves energy transfer upon impact. Rifle576Lyman 328471 (  )Gas check shank removed. Rifle586Saeco #221 (  4 cavity. 22 caliber. )Gas check shank removed on this four cavity Saeco mold. Rifle589RCBS 58-500-M (  1 cavity. 58 caliber. )Mold recut to customers specifications with three .591" bands. pistol604Lyman 429360 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman 429360 four cavity mold with the front bands re-cut to match the other drive band diameters. This alteration should improve the accuracy of this bullet design. pistol605Lyman 429421 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman 429421 with all drive bands re-cut oversize for an improved fit to the cylinder. Pistol615Lee 230-TL-45 (  6 cavity. 45 caliber. TC point style. )Bevel bases removed on this Lee 6 cavity mold. Pistol633Lyman 356637 (  2 cavity. 9mm caliber. )Bands re-cut to cast at .359". Rifle638Lyman 452423 (  2 cavity. 458 caliber. )This mold had lightly damaged block faces which were skim-cut, then the drive bands were re-cut to cast at .458" for rifle use. Rifle645Lyman 311291 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Single drive band added in bullet nose area to provide proper alignment and fit to bore. Pistol655RCBS 44-255-SWC (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Gas check shank removed and one cavity converted to a Cramer type HP with three different pin profiles fitted. Pistol656RCBS 45-255-KT (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Bands re-cut .001" larger on this Cramer type conversion. Pistol663Saeco #430 (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Bands enlarged to match. Forward bands were undersized. Rifle687RCBS  35-200-FN (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. )RCBS 35-200-FN with a standard HP in one cavity and the gas check removed with the base band opened up to cast at .360" in the other. Pistol694RCBS 44-300-SWC (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Cramer conversion on a RCBS 44-300-SWC. Customer had me mill .071 off the sprue side to remove gas check and first lube groove to meet desired weight of projectile. Rifle700Lyman 311410 (  4 cavity. 30 caliber. )Damaged bevel bases removed from this Lyman 311410 Rifle720Lyman (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Drive bands enlarged on this Lyman 311316 for proper barrel fit. Rifle737NEI 58 cal (  1 cavity. 58 caliber. )Three drive bands enlarged on this mold to work with barrel size. I added an alignment pin as the large blocks were not well supported with only the original two at the bottom of the blocks. Pistol743RCBS 45-185-BB (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Drive bands enlarged and bevel base removed in this RCBS 45-185-BB. Rifle755Lyman 311041 (  4 cavity. 30 caliber. )Drive bands on this four cavity Lyman 311041 enlarged to cast at .314". Pistol756Lyman 454424 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Drive bands enlarged on this 454424 to cast pure lead at .457"+. Pistol767Lyman 356402 (  4 cavity. 9mm caliber. )Drive bands opened up to cast at .360 to allow use in many applications. Pistol785RCBS 44-250-K (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Drive bands enlarged to cast at .433". Note full sized front band created where normally there is only a small and undersized band. Pistol792Lyman 429244 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Plain base conversion and band enlargement to all bands on this Lyman 429244. Pistol793Lyman 454190 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Drive bands enlarged to cast at .456". Rifle795Lyman 37583 (  1 cavity. 375 caliber. )Drive bands opened up to cast .381+ on this Lyman 37583. Rifle803Lyman 457406 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Base opened up a bit. I can't fit an inset bar conversion in a Lyman mold with a bullet any longer than this one! Pistol810RCBS 38-150-SWC (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Drive bands were enlarged on this RCBS 38-150-SWC mold which has been converted for use in a Magma casting machine. Pistol812Lyman 3118 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Badly rounded cavity edges cleaned up nice with an Inset bar HP conversion and opening up the bands top cast at .314". Pistol813Saeco #446 (  4 cavity. )Customer asked for a wide band shallow groove tumble lube type bullet out of this Saeco 446. Pistol814Saeco #351 (  )Customer asked for a wide band shallow groove tumble lube type bullet to be made from this Saeco 351 mold. Rifle838Ideal 311413 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Forward grease groove removed at nose section diameter. Rifle839RCBS 30-150-FN (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Drive bands opened up on this Inset Bar converted HP RCBS mold. Rifle845Magma 308-186 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Set of 8 Magma machine casting molds with the drive bands re-cut to allow proper sizing. Rifle846Magma 358-232 (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. )Set of 8 Magma machine casting molds with drive bands opened up to allow for proper sizing with softer alloys. Pistol847Lyman 452651 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Drive bands opened up Lyman 452651. Rifle848Lyman 462560 (  1 cavity. )Drive bands re-cut to allow proper sizing with softer alloys. Rifle849Lyman 457125 (  1 cavity. 458 caliber. )Drive bands opened up to cast at .460" with soft alloy. Rifle850Lyman 457671 (  1 cavity. 458 caliber. )Drive bands opened up to cast at .460" with soft alloy. Rifle851Lyman 457677 (  1 cavity. 458 caliber. )Three rear bands re-cut to cast larger at .460". 853Lyman 508656 (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. )Base band modified. Rifle857CBE 316 PBS (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )CBE bullet mold converted to a wide meplat cup style hollow point. Forward drive band opened to cast .313" as a type of "stop ring". Rifle858Lyman 287641 (  2 cavity. 7mm caliber. )Bands enlarged n the Lyman 287641 to allow proper sizing. Rifle859Ideal 439186 (  1 cavity. 43 caliber. )Drive bands opened to allow sizing up to .441" with soft alloy. Pistol860Lyman 356637 (  1 cavity. 9mm caliber. )Lyman 9mm "Devastator" mold with bands opened up to cast at .360" and bevel base removed. Pistol861Saeco #1 (  4 cavity. )Saeco mold model #1 with bands opened up for larger as-cast size. Rifle865Lyman 457658 (  1 cavity. 458 caliber. )All drive bands re-cut to drop soft alloys at .460"+ to allow for proper sizing.