Cramer style hollow point bullet mold conversions

Examples of bullet molds newly modified similarly to the original Cramer mold company conversions.

1Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS-3molds-Group" (  )RCBS 38 caliber Cramer-style molds 158 SWC, 148 WC, 150 SWC 2Bullet mold "Cramer-4cavity-Lyman" (  )Lyman 4 cavity 358477 converted to hollow point in all cavities. 3Bullet mold "Cramers-NEI-3of6-RCBS-1of2-wPyraPin" (  )NEI 458-150 with three of six cavities converted to hollow point for high powered air rifle hunting. Also pictured is an RCBS 9mm-147-FN mold with one cavity converted Cramer-style complete with an extra fitted pin in the faceted point style. 4Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-45-molds" (  )Right side mold has five sided experimental pin design. 5Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS41-210-swcDualPins" (  )Dual cavity HP or flat point mold. Extra set of flat point pins allow casting of standard bullets and HP bullets from this mold. 6Bullet mold "Cramered-Saeco-23322" (  )Saeco #322. HP pins remove about 10 grains weight from this 32 caliber bullet. 7Bullet mold "Cramered-Saeco-373-and-017" (  )Saeco 373 and 017 HP molds with pins designed for large game hunting. 8Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS45-255-RNLyman410459" (  )RCBS 45-255-RN with "Fryxell" pins and a Lyman 410459 at the limit of pin size in a Cramer-conversion. Lyman mold sprue side has been resurfaced on the mill. 9Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS38-158-CM" (  )38 caliber mold with hard-hitting cup point pins for controlled expansion with soft alloy. 11Bullet mold "Cramer-Molds-3Lymans" (  )Lyman double cavity hollow point molds 429421, 452488, and 358429. 12Bullet mold "Cramered-Ideal-452374" (  )Ideal 452374 modified to Cramer-style two cavity hollow point. Pistol DC13Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS-44-250-KTpyramidPins" (  )RCBS 44-250-KT with faceted cup point type pins. Should create distinct "petals" during expansion. 15Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-452490" (  )Lyman 452490. This mold had a poorly centered dual cavity HP attempt with H&G style pins held by an external rail. Mold was properly rebored on center and converted to a cramer style pin system. Pistol16RCBS 41-210-SWC (  1 cavity. )RCBS 41-210-SWC. 17Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS-45-255-KTwXtraCupPin" (  )RCBS 45-255-KT with extra cup point pin included. 18Bullet mold "Cramered-Saeco-445" (  )Saeco #445 19Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-401638" (  )Lyman 401638 20Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-356634" (  )Lyman 356634 21Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-357446" (  )Lyman 357446 dual-cavity hollow point similar to the old Cramer molds system. 22Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS-38-140-WC" (  )RCBS 38-140-WC converted to dual HP. 23Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-358429" (  )Lyman 358429 dual cavity hollow point. 24Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS-38-175-RNcupPoint" (  )Dual cavity RCBS 38-175-RN HP with cup point pins for higher velocity use. 25Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS-45-185-BB" (  )Dual cavity HP RCBS 45-185-BB. 26Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-358212" (  )Lyman 358212 Pistol DC27Bullet mold "Cramer-Style-Lyman-356402" (  )Lyman 356402 Cramer style. 28Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-429667" (  )Lyman 429667 29Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS-45-200-SWC" (  )RCBS 45-200-SWC dual cavity HP. 30Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-358432" (  )Lyman 358432 160 GN. 31Bullet mold "Cramered-Saeco-358-cupPoint" (  )Saeco #358 dual cavity HP conversion with cup point pins. 32Bullet mold "Cramerstyle-RCBS44-250-KT-JohnTaffin" (  )RCBS 44-250-KT Cramer style hollow point conversion. 33Bullet mold "CramerstyleRCBS44-250-KT-JohnTaffinRearview" (  )RCBS 44-250-KT Cramer style hollow point conversion. ( Rear View ) 34Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS44-250-K" (  )RCBS 44-250-K with larger pins to provide .200" nose opening. 35Bullet mold "Cramer-style-RCBS-44-300-SWC-Glens" (  )RCBS 44-300-SWC Cramer style hollow point conversion. 37Bullet mold "Cramered-Lyman-454190" (  )Lyman 454190. 38Bullet mold "Cramer-Style-Ideal-308252airRifleBullet68gns" (  )Ideal 308252 Cramer-style conversion with monstrous hollow point cavity for use in high powered air rifles. Drops bullets at 68 grains. 39Bullet mold "Cramered-RCBS38-90-FN" (  )Another oversized HP mold for high powered air rifle use. Pistol474Lyman 358156 (  2 cavity. 357 caliber. Faceted pin, (4 s) point style. )A nice round pin Cramer conversion on a Lyman mold. Pistol475Lyman (  2 cavity. )Lyman molds with 4 sided faceted pins to promote "petals" during expansion. Pistol477Multiple bullet molds: Lyman and RCBS Lyman 35891 and RCBS 45-200-SWC (  357 and 45 caliber. )Lyman full wad-cutter converted to hollow point for plinking and an RCBS for the 45 ACP, RCBS included pin in cup and flat point as well. Pistol478Multiple bullet molds: Lyman 356639, 401638 (  2 cavity. 9mm, 40 caliber. )Lyman molds with Cramer conversions for the 9mm and 40 S&W. Pistol479RCBS 45-300-SWC (  20 cavity. 45 caliber. SWC point style. )Cup point pin in a Cramer conversion. Good pin design for hunting with a softer alloy. Pistol509Lachmiller [pre-RCBS] 356-120-LGR (  2 cavity. 9mm caliber. truncated cone HP point style. )Flat point enlarged slightly to allow cramer-style conversion. Extra set of flat point pins included. Rifle510Lyman 311410 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. HP point style. )Spitzer style nose modified to large hollow point for high powered air rifle use. Pistol511Lyman 358429 and 429421 (  2 cavity. 38 and 44 caliber. SWC/HP point style. )Pair of cramer conversions including extra pins to allow casting with large traditional hollow point or cup point cavities. Pistol514Multiple bullet molds: Lyman and RCBS 429244 and 44-300-SWC (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Nice pair of cramered .44 molds. Pistol516Lyman 452664 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. FP point style. )Cramer conversion with a hard hitting cup point pin set. Pistol520RCBS 41-210-KT (  2 cavity. 41 caliber. SWC point style. )Larger HP in a 41 bullet. Pistol521Lyman 452374 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. RN/HP point style. )The 452374 RN converts to a near perfect HP profile. Mold supplied with a large standard style HP pin set and a cup point pin set and matching top punches. Pistol525Mountain Molds 411 KP 225 (  2 cavity. 41 caliber. SWC point style. )One Cramer cavity makes a double cavity mold a very versatile casting tool. This bullet is destined for west Texas feral hogs. Pistol527NEI 429 260 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. SWC with HP point style. )Super fast HP casting with an older NEI 4 cavity mold. Pistol528Saeco 325 (  4 cavity. Cup point HP point style. )Saeco four cavity molds can only have two cavities hollow pointed due to the placement of the block alignment pins. Pistol529NEI 358 190 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. Cup oint HP point style. ) Rifle530RCBS 30-180-FN (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. Enlarged nose cup point style. )RCBS mold radically altered to a .250 meplat with a cup point nose for deer in the garden low velocity use. If this won't anchor them, nothing will! Rifle531RCBS 308-165-SIL (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. Enlarged nose cup point style. )Another .250 Meplat cup point bullet for low speed soft alloy use. Pistol533RCBS 45-201-SWC (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. SWC with HP point style. )Cramer style RCBS shown with top punch matched to HP pins. Pistol534Lyman 452374 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. RN with HP point style. )This is my favorite 45 pistol bullet when hollow pointed. The Lyman 4 cavity molds are very nice for high production casting of hollow points. Rifle537NEI 458 550 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )This aluminum NEI just barely had the clearance for the HP cross pins at the handle mount screws. DC NEI molds have off center handle mount screw holes which can be in the way of adding the Cramer conversion to one of the cavities. Pistol542NEI 458 230 (  6 cavity. 45 caliber. RN with FP/HP point style. )Five of the six cavities can be done on most NEI six cavity molds. Pistol543NEI 251 51 (  6 cavity. 25 caliber. RN with HP point style. )All six cavities could be done on this NEI mold only due to the bullet being so short allowing a cross pin to be placed near the bullet nose. Cross pins on that cavity also had to have a very slight angle to clear the handle mount screw adjacent to the cavity. Most six cavity NEI molds can have only have five cavities altered to the Cramer style conversion. Pistol545Lyman 358156 (  4 cavity. 38 caliber. )Four cavity Cramer style conversion allows LOTS of HP bullets to be cast in a hurry! (.205 pins) Rifle549Lyman 225438 (  2 cavity. 22 caliber. RN with HP point style. )Cramer conversion on a small caliber mold, note the oversize HP pin base section allowing a secure mount for the sliding alignment pins. These smaller caliber molds can be altered to the Cramer system with this stepped HP pin system, there is an extra fee due to the increased machining. Rifle550Lyman 257420 (  2 cavity. 25 caliber. )Another small caliber mold with a Cramer conversion featuring an oversize HP pin base for secure mounting of the sliding alignment pins. The smaller cavity molds can be altered to the Cramer system with the stepped HP pin, there is an extra fee due to the significant increase in machining time. Rifle554Lyman 375248 (  2 cavity. 375 caliber. )Lyman mold with Meplat enlarged to .250" for increased expansion for lower velocity use. Pistol555Lyman 358311 (  2 cavity. 357 caliber. Super huge HP point style. )Cramer conversion with super huge HP designed for low to mid speed revolver use only. Pistol561NEI 456 250 (  4 cavity. )NEI mold that was reworked from a previous single cavity HP to the Cramer system for a four cavity HP mold. Large cup point is excellent for low speeds with very alloy. Pistol562NEI 358 160 (  4 cavity. 38 caliber. )Four cavity NEI mold reworked from an earlier single cavity HP conversion to my version of Cramer multi-cavity system Pistol569Hensley & Gibbs San Diego #12 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Nice Cramer-style conversion with multiple pin sets and top punches. Pistol578Lyman 429215 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman four cavity 429215 with a full Cramer HP conversion. Pistol579Lyman 358665 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Nice hard hitting big HP in a Cramer-style conversion with matching top punch. Pistol581Lyman 452488 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Huge HP in a Cramer-style conversion. For Air rifle use. Pistol582Lyman 452664 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Big HP (about 35 grains). Pistol585RCBS 9mm-147-FN (  2 cavity. 9mm caliber. )Increased meplat and large HP make this a fast-casting hard-hitter for your auto! Rifle596RCBS 20-150-CM (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )RCBS mold with meplat increased to .250" for increased expansion in high powered air rifles. This is as big as you can go in a Cramer type conversion and still release the bullets from the pins. pistol601Lyman 313249 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Big HP for moderate speed low ricochet plinker use use in rifles pistol603Lyman 429215 (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Giant HP in a Lyman 429215 for lower speed 44 special use. pistol606Lyman 452374 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Lyman 452374 modified to a large HP. Extra faceted tip pin fitted for mold shown also. This big HP is about optimal for 45 ACP speeds with a fairly soft alloy. Air rifle607Lyman 454616 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )The Lyman 454616 has as big a HP pin as can fit without removing part of the deep lube grooves (this too can be done). Bullets from this mold are destined for high powered air rifle hunting use. pistol610RCBS 38-140-WC (altered nose) (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )RCBS 38-140-WC (with someones drilled out nose) further altered to a Cramer type HP. The bullets from this mold are still on the heavy side even with the big HP. Rifle616Lyman 257283 (  4 cavity. 25 caliber. HP point style. )Big hp for thin skinned problems. Rifle618Lyman 311291 (  4 cavity. 30 caliber. )Air rifle mold. Rifle619Lyman 311410 (  4 cavity. 30 caliber. )Varmint bullet! Rifle620Lyman 311413 (  4 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle622Lyman 375296 (  4 cavity. 375 caliber. ) Pistol623Lyman 429421 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Single cavity converted. You don't have to do them all! Pistol624Lyman 454190 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. ) Pistol625Lyman 454424 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. ) Rifle628Lyman 311359 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle629Lyman 311410 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle630Lyman 311466 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle631Lyman 319247 (  2 cavity. 319 caliber. ) Pistol635Lyman 401638 (  2 cavity. 40 caliber. )Hard hitting cup point for use with fairly soft alloy. Rifle639Lyman 311-41 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle640Lyman 311041 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Pistol642Lyman 311252 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Pistol644Lyman 452488 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Huge HP created primarily for weight reduction for use as a practice round. Rifle646Lyman 311644 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle654RCBS 30-180-FN (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Pistol657RCBS 45-255-SWC (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. ) Pistol658RCBS 45-270-SAA (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. ) Rifle659RCBS 45-300-FN (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Meplat increased to .312". Rifle660Saeco #302 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle661Saeco #316 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. ) Rifle665Unknown (  4 cavity. 458 caliber. ) Pistol666Saeco #445 (  2 cavity. )Cramer conversion on a Saeco #445 with bevel bases removed. Pistol670Lyman 358429 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Lyman 358429 with spare flat point pin set and Lyman style top punch to fit the HP. Pistol753Hensley and Gibbs #45 (  2 cavity. )Hensley and Gibbs #45 converted to a Cramer style double hollow point. Rifle804Ideal 319247 (  1 cavity. 319 caliber. )A damaged nose area in this molds cavity resulted in this neat old one piece mold being converted to a Cramer style cup point HP. Pistol835Lyman 410612 (  2 cavity. 41 caliber. )Cramer type conversion on a Lyman 410612 with hollow point and flat point pin sets.