Inset-Bar hollow point bullet mold conversions

Examples of multi-cavity hollow point bullet mold conversions using Erik Ohlen's sturdy Inset-Bar Hollow Point system.

Pistol617Lyman 311252 (  4 cavity. 30 caliber. )Monster HP for primarily for high powered air-rifle use. Rifle621Lyman 311413 (  4 cavity. 30 caliber. )Four cavity Lyman 311413 drops lots of HP bullets quickly. Rifle626Lyman 225438 (  2 cavity. 22 caliber. )Explosive 22 hollow points can be made very fast with the inset bar conversion. Slow casting with single cavity molds can be a thing of the past! Rifle627Lyman 257420 (  2 cavity. 25 caliber. )The 25 caliber and other tiny bullets can be converted to fast casting HP molds with my insert bar conversions. Pistol632Lyman 356402 (  2 cavity. 9mm caliber. )9mm Lyman 356402 converted to my sturdy inset bar HP system. Pistol634Lyman 358432 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Full wad-cutters make great plinker bullets when converted to have a giant HP. Pistol637Lyman 452374 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Lyman 452374 is one of my favorite bullets when converted to have a generous HP cavity. Pistol647Lyman 452460 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Lyman 452460 with a moderate sized hollow point that will feed well in just about any auto. Rifle648NEI 32 Maxi ball (  4 cavity. 32 caliber. )32 maxi makes a neat little fast casting HP. Rifle649NEI 454-368 (  4 cavity. 454 caliber. )Big HP for lower speed usage. Pistol650NEI 500-300 (  3 cavity. 50 caliber. )This 3 cavity NEI converted into a very cool multi-cavity hollow point mold. Rifle652NEI Custom cherry sabot bullet (  2 cavity. 40 caliber. )Sabot bullet for muzzle loader. Rifle653RCBS 30-115-SP (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )30 caliber mold converted to a fast casting HP bullet for varmint use. Pistol664Saeco #454 (  2 cavity. 454 caliber. )Saeco 454 converted to a giant fast casting HP bullet with the inset bar system. Pistol671RCBS 45-250-FN (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )RCBS 45-250-FN with generous HP cavities installed with the inset bar type conversion. Pistol672Lyman 358156 (  38 caliber. )Inset bar hollow point conversion on a Lyman 358156. Pistol674Lyman 429215 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman 4 cavity mold with two cavities converted to HP with my insert bar system. Pistol676NEI 500/405/325 50 cal pistol (  3 cavity. 50 caliber. )Inset bar conversion to NEI 50 cal pistol mold. Pistol677Hensley and Gibbs H&G 12C (  4 cavity. 38 caliber. )Three cavity HP conversion on a H&G # 12C mold. HP is super deep for bullet meant to not exit far side of vermin. Pistol678Lyman  4C 358477 (  4 cavity. 38 caliber. )Four cavity HP inset bar conversion. Pistol679Lyman 358429 (  4 cavity. 38 caliber. )Inset bar HP conversion on all four cavities. Rifle681Lyman 311241 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )The Lyman 311241 in a double cavity HP inset bar conversion makes a nice multiple use bullet. Rifle682Saeco  # 315 (  )Saeco #315 has maximum HP size with original meplat left intact. Pistol683Lyman 452389 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Cool little inset bar HP mold. Pistol684Lyman 358430 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )The Lyman 358430 makes a very nice HP for all around use. 685Ohlen (  )Inset bar conversions can have a HP bar extractor link installed to pull the HP bar out from the mold blocks. The extractor can speed the casting of hollow points even more. (Does not work well with mold guides). Rifle698RCBS 22-055-FN (  2 cavity. 22 caliber. )Fast casting of your 22 hollow points with a multiple cavity conversion! Rifle702Lyman 457124 (  1 cavity. 45 rifle caliber. )Lyman single cavity 457124 converted to a super fast casting inset bar HP with a cavity sized for moderate speeds hunting use. Pistol703Lyman 429215 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Nice Lyman 429215 converted to an easy casting four cavity HP bullet mold with my inset bar system. This will produce a lot of hollow pointed bullets fast! Pistol704Old West molds 45 caliber hollow base nose pour (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Here is a Magma style brass nose pour block set made by Old West molds converted at to an inset bar system for rapid machine casting of hollow base bullets. Pistol705RCBS 38-158-SWC (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Generous HP cavity in this inset bar conversion. Pistol709Hensley & Gibbs #12 (  4 cavity. 38 caliber. )Mold set up to drop three different HP cavity profiles. Bullets from one mold for all uses from varmints to hunting larger game. Rifle710Buffalo Arms 512450 (  )Buffalo Arms mold with both cup point and faceted point pin sets. 711Bullet mold "ExtractorLinks_pic711" (  )Photo shows both two and four cavity molds with extractor links installed. Extractor provides for positive extraction of bullets form the cavities, no tapping needed! Pistol712Hensley and Gibbs 38 wadcutter (  )Faceted pin set and regular HP/HB pin set inlcluded with this Hensley and Gibbs San Diego mold conversion. Pistol715Lachmiller 357-162-SWC (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Nice Lachmiller mold converted to double HP with a deep cavity. Rifle716Lyman 50 cal Maxi (  4 cavity. 50 caliber. )Big maxi ball mold converted to HP. Rifle718Lyman 225415 (  4 cavity. 22 caliber. )Fast casting of 22 caliber hollow points with this four cavity HP mold with extractor linkage. Pistol724Lyman 358156 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Another Lyman 358156 inset bar conversion with large HP cavity. Rifle725Lyman 358315 (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. )One of two cavities converted to an easy casting inset bar hollow point mold with a hard hitting cup point type cavity. Excellent medium to large game hunting bullet. Rifle726Lyman 358315 (  4 cavity. 35 caliber. )Fast casting four cavity hollow point conversion in a large cavity HP design. Good all around use up from vermin up to medium game. Pistol728Lyman 358477 (  4 cavity. 38 caliber. )Fast casting of hollow point bullets for your pistol with this four cavity HP conversion! Rifle729Lyman 358627 (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. )Heavy Lyman 358627 converted to a double hollow point mold with extractor link for fast hassle free casting. Good cast bullet for hunting or silhouette use. Pistol730Lyman 401633 (  2 cavity. 40 caliber. )Nice HP for your 10mm or 40 cal pistol. Note larger rim thickness around HP cavity to ensure reliable feeding. Pistol731Lyman 429421 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman 429421 (with rounded lube grooves) inset bar HP conversion in a four cavity mold. Pistol732Lyman 429421 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Lyman 429421 (with squared Keith type lube grooves) inset bar HP conversion in a four cavity mold. Pistol733Lyman 452374 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Big HP openings in this round nose with HP 45 ACP bullet. Good feeding and a big HP cavity in this profile-one of my favorites. Rifle735NEI 316 160 (  2 cavity. 316 caliber. )Inset bar conversion with extractor linkage in a NEI 316 160. Rifle736NEI 458 645/565 (  2 cavity. 45 rifle caliber. )One mold with two different weight and style HP bullets in this NEI 458 mold. Pistol738RCBS 44-300-SWC (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )RCBS 44-300-SWC converted to a double cavity HP mold. Pistol739RCBS 38-140-WC (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. HB or HP point style. )Double ended wad-cutter mold converted for use as either a hollow base or hollow point bullet. Pistol740RCBS 40-180-SWC (  2 cavity. 40 caliber. )The RCBS 40-180-SWC makes an excellent HP for your 40. Pistol741RCBS 44-225-SWC (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )The RCBS 44-225-SWC converts to an excellent hollow point bullet for all around use. Pistol742RCBS 44-240-SWC (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )The RCBS 44-240-SWC is a good hunter, even better when converted to a HP and used with the proper alloy hardness. Pistol744RCBS 45-201-SWC (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Inset bar HP conversion and sprue side refinish on this RCBS 45-201-SWC. Pistol745RCBS 45-255-RN (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )The RCBS 45-255-RN is an excellent bullet when converted to HP and used with a soft alloy. Magazine feeding remains reliable and expansion is good. Pistol746RCBS 45-270-SAA (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Hybrid cup point/deep hollow point cavity for this RCBS 45-270-SAA mold. Pistol747RCBS 45-270-SAA (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Very large HP cavity for this RCBS 45-270-SAA mold. This is near the limit for a cavity that still will release from the pins well. Machine casting757Magma 09-135-FP-FB (  2 cavity. 9mm caliber. )Magma machine casting mold converted to hollow point for use in the Magma Master Caster machine. The Master Caster can now cast hollow points! Pistol758Mountain Molds 431-300 (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Mountain Molds 431-300 converted to hollow point on one cavity with my inset bar conversion. Cup point type cavity is an extremely effective design compared to deeper smaller diameter cavities. Rifle760NEI 458-639 (  1 cavity. 458 caliber. )This is the huge NEI 4580630 bullet converted to hollow point with my inset bar conversion. Rifle762NEI 358-210/255/282 (  6 cavity. 358 caliber. )NEI six cavity 358 mold converted to hollow point with my inset bar conversion. Mold block size is a bit large to use a single inset bar so two are used to prevent binding. Pistol765Magma (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. HP point style. )Matched set of eight hollow point molds set up for use in a Magma Bullet Master automatic casting machine. Thousands of hollow point bullets can be made in a day with this set up! Hollow Point Bullet Mold Service offers modification of molds set up to work in both the Bullet Master and Master Caster machines. Pistol768Saeco Redding 446 (  8 cavity. 44 caliber. )Saeco Redding #446 44 caliber eight cavity mold with inset bar hollow point conversion on six of the cavities. You can cast plenty of hollow point bullets quickly with a set up like this. Pistol769RCBS 45-300-SWC (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Excellent hollow point hunter results with this generous hollow point opening with moderate depth. Pistol771Magma 09-135-FP-1 (  2 cavity. 9mm caliber. )9mm Magma mold with hex-faceted pins set up for machine casting on a Magma Master Caster. Pistol772Magma 38-148-SGG-DBB (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Double ended wad-cutter Magma mold block set up for machine casting on a Magma Master Caster. This bullet can be used either as a hollow base or hollow point bullet. Rifle773RCBS 35-200-FN (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. )RCBS 35 caliber rifle mold set up with an inset bar cup point conversion on one cavity. Note the right side blocks have a repair to areas in the cavity nose that had heavily center punched index marks. Pistol774Lyman 452490 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )A single cavity of this double cavity Lyman cast bullet mold converted to the inset bar hollow point system with a large HP cavity. Pistol775Lyman 358156 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )One traditional hollow point cavity and one faceted hex hollow point cavity in this inset bar conversion. Pistol776Lyman 358495 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Lyman 358495 converted with a medium traditional style HP pin and one 5 sided faceted hex pin with an inset bar conversion. Rifle777Lyman 311041 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Good hunting hollow point for medium rifle speeds with an inset bar conversion on one cavity. Pistol779Lyman 429244 (  4 cavity. 44 caliber. )Two cavity HP inset bar conversion with extractor link in a four cavity Lyman 429244 mold. Rifle780RCBS 30-150-FN (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Generous HP in my sturdy inset bar conversion. Great varmint bullet! Rifle781Lyman 457124 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Humongous HP cavity in this Lyman 457124 for short range air rifle use. .375 meplat". Pistol782Lyman 452460 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Big HP with this inset bar conversion on a Lyman 4 cavity 452460. Rifle783Lyman 457191 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Another generous HP inset bar conversion for shorter range air rifle use on a Lyman 4 cavity 452191. Pistol784Lyman 452630 (  4 cavity. 45 caliber. )Inset bar conversion with medium HP changes this 200 grain Lyman 452630 to just over 185 grains. Pistol787Lyman 429215 (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Inset bar cup point HP conversion to one cavity of a Lyman 429215. Rifle789RCBS 30-115-SP (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Inset bar HP conversion in a RCBS 30-115-SP. Pistol790RCBS 45-325-FN (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Three styles of inset bar pins in this RCBS 45-325-FN. This is a hard hitting bullet in FN or HP! Rifle797Magma 50 cal Maxi (  1 cavity. 50 caliber. )Matched set of eight Magma black powder rifle molds converted to custom hollow point specifications for use in a Magma bullet Master commercial casting machine. Pistol798Magma (  2 cavity. )5 pairs of Magma machine casting molds converted for use in a Magma Bullet Master machine. Matched pairs for 9mm, 45 ACP, 45 Colt, 357 magnum, and 44 magnum. The faceted point cavities (center row of molds) were reserved for the 357 and 44 molds as these cartridges can attain the velocities needed for reliable expansion of the faceted cavities. Pistol800Lyman 452424 (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Lyman 452424 with a cup point type HP cavity. The cup point is a very versatile hunting bullet cavity. Rifle801Lyman 375248 (  2 cavity. 375 caliber. )Excellent hunting bullet for any speed with a cup point inset bar HP conversion. Pistol802Lyman 311252 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )Great little 32 ACP or magnum bullet out of this Lyman 311252. Pistol805RCBS 44-245-SWC (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Great bullet with a pond sized HP cavity! Rifle806Saeco Redding #881 (  1 cavity. )Quick HP casting without having to handle the awkward knob/pin is the result of installing an inset bar HP conversion. Rifle809NEI 250-358  (#166) (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. )Inset bar conversion with cup point type cavity in this older production NEI brass mold. Rifle815RCBS 22-055-SP (  2 cavity. 22 caliber. )Explosive varmint bullets will cast fast from this 22 HP mold with the extractor linkage. With the linkage some molds cast faster than without the HP. Pistol818RCBS 41-210-SWC (  2 cavity. 41 caliber. )Large fast opening HP cavity for this RCBS 41 caliber mold. Rifle819Lyman 358009 (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. )Super hard hitting large HP conversion for a bullet that is already a hard hitter in it's standard form. Pistol820Lyman 410426 (  4 cavity. 41 caliber. )Nice large HP on a fast casting four cavity HP mold with extractor linkage. Pistol823RCBS 45-250-FN (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Fat HP for this fat bullet. Pistol824Hensley and Gibbs 135 (  2 cavity. )NOS H&G mold sent in for conversion to and Inset Bar HP with a shallow cup point type cavity for hunting. Pistol825RCBS 38-158-SWC (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Great all around HP cavity for this RCBS 38-158-SWC pistol mold. Rifle826RCBS 40-400-CS (  1 cavity. 40 caliber. )Nice hunter HP bullet. This bullet is so long that the Inset Bar conversion barely fits! Rifle828RCBS 22-055 (  2 cavity. 22 caliber. )22 caliber RCBS mold set up for hollow point casting in a Magma Master Caster machine. Pistol829Magma 44-240-SWC (  2 cavity. 44 caliber. )Magma 44 mold set up for a Master Caster machine with HP pins for both cup point and hex type cavities. Pistol830Magma NEI cut cavities 358 (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )NEI cut the cavities in this magma block. My Inset Bar HP conversion is set up for both cup point and hex HP cavities in this mold for use in a Magma Master Caster. Pistol831Magma 38-100-RNFP-BB (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )Magma 38 cal modified with the inset Bar HP system for use in a Magma Master Caster machine. Pistol833RCBS 38-150-SWC (  2 cavity. 38 caliber. )A cup point style cavity makes for an excellent hunting bullet used with soft alloys. Rifle834Ideal 308291 and 308241 (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. )This mold has both the 308291 and 308241 cavities in it. Set up with and Inset Bar HP conversion with a HP pin set and a flat point pin set. Pistol836Lyman 358495 (  4 cavity. 38 caliber. )Lyman 358495 converted to drop bullets for either hollow base or hollow point use. Pistol837Lyman 410610 (  4 cavity. 41 caliber. )Lyman 410610 with big HP cavities. Pistol840RCBS 10mm-200-SWC (  2 cavity. 10mm caliber. )Moderate HP cavity for this 10mm bullet mold. Rifle852RCBS 35-200-FN (  2 cavity. 35 caliber. )RCBS mold with enlarged .250" meplat and cup point type HP cavity for hunting. Pistol856RCBS 45-300-FN (  2 cavity. 45 caliber. )Mold had been badly damaged by an amateur attempt at modifying the nose with a drill bit, meplat had to be enlarged to .406" to eliminate damage in nose of bullet to salvage mold. (Note small remaining damage visible at bored area at left block upper cavity.) New bullet profile is a super wide nose cup point hammer! Rifle863NEI 408-285 (  4 cavity. 40 caliber. )Big HP cavities in with this Inset Bar conversion. About 230 grains as a HP. Pistol866Lee Various (  )New for 2012! Lee double cavity hollow pointed molds with my second version of the super easy and fast casting Inset Bar system. Over 3.5x increased vertical alignment guide contact area. The Inset Bar v2 guides the mold blocks into proper alignment as they close. This results in a tremendous reduction in wear and battering on the alignment surfaces creating a much improved mold. Fast casting easy release HP pins allow the bullets to fall free very easily. Just tap the hinge pin lightly while opening the blocks and angle the mold slightly away from the sliding pin side and with one light rap the bullets jump off of the pins and fall through the gap between the open blocks-turning the mold over to drop the bullets is optional with these! I install set screws for the sprue pivot screw and the handle retention pins correcting the problems associated with staked in pins as part of this conversion. Pistol868Lee 90457   (  6 cavity. 9mm caliber. RN with HP point style. )A 6 cavity Lee 9mm mold converted to cast hollow points super fast.