Replacement pins for hollow point bullet molds

Some examples of replacement hollow point pin assemblies for various makes of hollow point bullet molds.

Pistol41Cramer (  2 cavity. SWC/HP point style. )Replacement pin for lost original in a Cramer factory HP mold. Cramer often HP'd only one cavity. Rifle65Lyman / Ideal 412263 (  1 cavity. 41 caliber. RN point style. )Lyman Ideal 412263 Original style replacement for lost pin. Rifle79Lyman 311466 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. RN point style. )Replacement for Lyman style pin fitted in Lyman 311466. Pistol471Lyman 429244 (  1 cavity. 44 caliber. SWC point style. )Two sets of replacement pins for a factory HP mold. Sprue plate pivot screw had been broken off well below the surface. Removal of stuck screw stub was a simple operation. 481Ideal 358156 (  )Replacement for lost original pin. 482Lyman 429215 (  )Very crooked .012" off-axis factory HP pin hole. Original wood knob with replacement pin now has proper snug slip fit. The original was very sloppy at .010" undersize. 483Lyman 357446 (  )Lyman 357446 with replacement HP pin. 484Lyman (  )Lyman "devastator" mold converted to old style retention. Original poorly fitted pin on the right. 485Hensley and Gibbs 46GC (  )Hensley and Gibbs 46GC replacement pin and hold down screw. Shown with an original pin for reference. Pistol539H&G   (San Diego) #51 (  38 caliber. SWC with original HP point style. )Original style replacement for lost pin assembly in a San Diego model H&G #51 original HP mold. The workmanship on these molds is beautiful. Pistol572Ideal 358395 (  1 cavity. 38 caliber. Button nose WC point style. )Replacement hollow base plug. Pistol573Ideal 358439 (  38 caliber. )Nice replacement pin fitted to an old Ideal mold. Pistol580Lyman 450229 (  1 cavity. )Replacement hollow base plug fitted. Rifle611Cramer 41B HP (  2 cavity. 30 caliber. HP  point style. )Replacements for lost original HP pins on old Cramer #41B mold Rifle613Ideal 456122 (  1 cavity. 456 caliber. HP point style. )Two replacement pins for Ideal one piece original HP mold. Rifle695Ideal 319261 (  )New replacement for lost original HP pin. Rifle717Lyman 311 33 (  1 cavity. 30 caliber. )Flat point and hollow point replacement pins fitted to original Lyman HP mold. Pistol752Cramer #26 (  38 caliber. )Pin installed in left side of mold is a matched replacement for the other original-the damaged pin is lying loose in photo. Pistol766Ideal 450229 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Replacement for lost hollow base plug fitted to yet another 450 229 mold. Rifle778Lyman 287308 (  1 cavity. 7mm caliber. )Replacement pin for lost factory original. Original hole was off center by .004" and was corrected by boring on center with a specially made boring tool prior to the new pin being made. Pistol788Ideal 358156 (  1 cavity. 38 caliber. )Replacement pin fitted for lost old style Lyman 358156 HP mold. Rifle808Lyman 457195 (  1 cavity. 45 caliber. )Replacement base plug fitted to Lyman 457195 hollow base mold. Rifle842Lyman 338320 (  1 cavity. 338 caliber. )Replacement HP pin for missing original for this factory HP Lyman 338320 bullet mold. Rifle843Lyman 245498 (  1 cavity. 245 caliber. )Replacement for lost original pin and top punch fitted on this 245498 factory HP mold. Pistol864Hensley and Gibbs #43 (  2 cavity. )Original style HP pin replacement for this Hensley and Gibbs mold.