Specialty and replacement mold screws and other parts

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Lyman/Ideal screws DescriptionPrice
Lyman / Ideal replacement for HP pin hold down screw [Click here for picture] (6x48) For early small block molds only, (can be modified for newer molds with the shorter head height) $8.00
Late model Lyman/Ideal replacement sprue screw [Click here for picture] 3-pack (10x32) with narrow type split spring washers included. Most later model molds with the allen head lock screw are 10x32. $15.00
Allen head type 8x32x7/8" One pair SC Lyman/Ideal handle screws with .250" (maximum) diameter heads. $10.00
Allen head type 8x32x1" One pair DC Lyman/Ideal handle screws with .250" (maximum) diameter heads. $10.00
Early Lyman and Ideal 10x36 replacement sprue screw [Click here for picture] 3-pack of the early style 10x36 sprue pivot screws and split spring washers for Ideal and older Lyman stamped molds. (Most molds with the slotted-head lock/set screw are 10-36). $15.00
Top punches and seaters DescriptionPrice
Top punch for your HP'd bullet to fit Lyman or RCBS lubrisizers Needed if you have thin cavity edges or are casting with very soft alloys. Punches are typically included with two cavity hand-casting conversions, extra fee for single cavity. (Machined at same time as HP conversion work is done) $25.00
Saeco : Top punch adaptor [Click here for picture] fits Lyman or RCBS top punches to Saeco lubri-sizer press. Made of brass. $20.00
Top punch flat point/blank [Click here for picture] Nicely machined steel flat tip or "blank" top punch with .265" shank and .355" body for use in a Lyman or RCBS lubrisizer. Modify as you see fit. $5.00
z Gun Parts DescriptionPrice
Lefever Arms Company [Click here for picture] Trigger plate assembly, looks to be for a 12 gauge early 1900's probably off of a DS or I model. $75.00